Miatas on parade Miatas on parade

Upcoming Meetings and Events

May Zoom, Zoom, Zoom Meeting - June 16, 7:00pm

Rallies have been cancelled until further notice.

Members can join us on our Facebook page to keep in touch virutally until it's safe to zoom together again. Here's the link...

CVMC Facebook

Welcome to the CVMC!

The Central Virginia Miata Club (CVMC) is an active group of Miata owners and enthusiasts who share the common bond of love for the Miata and the Zoom, Zoom, Zoom experience.

Founded on September 10, 1991 by George E. Ferrell, Midlothian, Virginia, the club provides opportunities to form and maintain friendships, exchange information about Miatas, to discuss other related issues and best of all, participate in rallies and events.

We welcome visitors and invite any Miata owner to become a member of the CVMC.

Bud Deihl, CVMC President

Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology Virginia Commonwealth University VCU Medical Center