Club Resources

CVMC Name Tags

To order name tags, e-mail or contact:

Joseph P. Portas
Quality Images, Inc.
3595 Gray Circle
Elbert, CO 80106-9652
Phone: 303-730-6060
Web site:

Provide the following information:

  • Club name: CVMC
  • Type of material: Plastic/Cherry/Mahogany
    This is an example of the cherry wood nametag. The white part is raised and a light Cherry color. The black part is cut out and is a darker Cherry color.There is also a Mahogany wood on which the raised parts are Mahogany and the cut out parts are black. This whole nametag is darker than the Cherry and a little harder to read from a distance. Most prefer the Cherry.
  • Type of clasp: Pin/Magnetic
    There are also two types of clasp, a Standard Pin type and a Magnetic Bar type. The Magnetic Bar prevents punching a pin hole in that favorite shirt.
  • How you want your name to display
  • What, if anything, you want under your name
    What, if anything, you would like under your name. Some have used their nickname, their cars nickname, the year and color of their car, etc.

Magnetic Car Decals

To order magnetic car decals, contact:

Shelly Branski
Shell Art and Design
601 Ruthers Road
Richmond, VA
Phone: 804-674-1768


All members will receive a CVMC cap. Contact the webmaster for more information:

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