2010 Rally Highlights

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Fling into Spring Rally—March 20, 2010

CVMC Miatas at pit stop

Fred and Margaret Walder must have a friend in high places. After what seems an eternity of winter weather, they provided us with a fantastic kickoff to the 2010 Central Virginia Miata Club rally season. On 
Saturday, March 20, 2010, we met at the Wendy—s restaurant at 3601 Price Club Blvd., just off Hall Street (Rt. 360). In total, we had eight cars and 14 people.

From start to finish, we experienced wonderful winding roads through fields, forests and beautiful Virginia countryside. During our first rest stop, Bud D. experimented with the social media platform called Twitter, to share a photograph and invite other Miata enthusiasts to our CVMC Web site and to join our club. At our second rest stop, Mike R. (one of our newest members) demonstrated the functionality of his 2009 Miata hardtop convertible; a beautiful automobile and a true transformer. See a Mazda video of the top in action.

CVMC Miatas on the road

We returned to Richmond by way of Robious Road and wrapped up with a winding drive down Old Gun and River roads, stopping for lunch at Joe’s Inn, in Old Bon Air. Before going inside, we lined up our cars and took photographs to be placed on our Web site.

We had a wonderful lunch at Joe’s Inn, where they provided us a special enclosed area to enjoy conversing with each other, recalling our drive, and sharing other stories.

Following lunch, Corey and Bud took photographs of the three generations of the Mazda Miata MX-5. They focused on the difference between the front ends of each model and the evolution of Mazda logos over the years.

All in all it was a wonderful day and it reminds us why we enjoy belonging to the Central Virginia Miata Club.

Thanks again to Fred and Margaret for a wonderful day and a wonderful ride.

PS: Anyone who would like to share their photographs of the ride should submit them to the CVMC webmaster. We will select from these and update our site.

Keep on zooming!

Bud D.
President, CVMC


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