2010 Rally Highlights

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Special Event—British and European Car Show, Williamsburg, VA Rally—May 2, 2010

Antique - British and European Car Show

Fred, Margaret, Susan, Bud, and Fred's cousin Pete, attended the British car show in Williamsburg, Virginia. In two Miatas and one Corvette, we enjoyed a drive down Route 5 somewhat hampered by road construction vehicles otherwise generally nice drive. The weather was predicted to be hot, but thankfully it was not as hot as predicted. The car show was was very enjoyable with cars ranging from small sunbeams and older cars to Rolls-Royce is Bentley's. My personal favorite was the Austin Healey.

After walking around the show for a couple hours, we ate lunch at the same restaurant, which the club visited during a former rally. All in all a very enjoyable day with a pleasant drive back on route five. Events such as this offer great opportunities to expand our club travel.

I hope you will suggest and/or take advantage of events like this in the future.

Bud D.
President, CVMC

Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology VCU Medical Center
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