2011 Rally Highlights

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Country Roads to Farmville, VA Rally—March 19, 2011

Staging location for Farmville Rally

On Saturday, March 19, eight cars participated in the first rally of the season. The rally was hosted by Brian and Susan, who volunteered to lead during our Tuesday night meeting. It is wonderful to have new members who are eager to engage in the planning and implementation of club activities and to see how successful we can be at organizing on a relatively short notice.

Impromptu Training on Changing Flat Tires

We took a pleasant drive on a beautiful pre-spring morning to Farmville, Virginia. The countryside was awash with blossums and we were able to enjoy top-down driving.

Approximately three-quarters of the way to Farmville, Brian and Susan presented the club members with an impromptu training session on changing flat tires!

Charlie's Waterfront Cafe

In Farmville, we had lunch at Charlie's Waterfront Cafe. Charlie's is on the Appomattox River and was an enjoyable place for club members to socialize and enjoy some wonderful food. Following lunch we each went our own way as we explored some of the furniture warehouses and other shops in Farmville and then returned via various routes to Richmond.

Thanks to everyone for such a good turnout and especially thanks to our new members who have begun to explore the benefits of their membership in the CVMC.



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